Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Potions

We all dressed up in our spooky Halloween costumes for the last day of school before the mid-term.

 Ms. Nic Aoidh brought in some secret ingredients for us to make Halloween Potions.

We each got a small glass and put some ground up 'skeleton bones' in. Then we added 'frogs blood' and 'eyeball juice'.

 Check out what happened!!!

We made a bit of a mess but that's the nature of being scientists and making potions!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Green Halloween

We made Halloween costumes from recyclable materials for the annual "Green Halloween" fashion show.

This is what our classroom looked like during the "creative process"!

And here are the finished products:

Take a closer look!

 The Runway!

We had some very creative ideas and differing costumes, despite everyone working from the same materials.

Did you see our:


Go Room 14!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Maths Fair

It was Maths Week from 14th - 22nd October so we had a Maths Fair in the hall. 

The support team organised and set up seven different stations with different activities at each. 

We loved trying each activity and seeing how maths is such an integral part of our everyday lives! 

Check out our photos below:

Station 1: Counting Stick

Station 2: Number Fans

Station 3: Tangrams

Station 4: Calculators

Station 5: Construction

Station 6: Coding

Station 7: Hopscotch

We jumped forwards and backwards on one leg and two legs while counting! We also jumped on answers to sums. We had lots of fun.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Sponsored Walk

Every year Scoil Mhuire does a sponsored walk to raise money for the school. 
This year the money went towards paying for extra drama and music lessons.

In Junior and Senior Infants, the walk is to the playground in Corkagh Park. In 1st class, you must do the whole 7k walk! We were very tired but we had lots of fun along the way.

We found some interesting leaves on the walk.

We saw herons on the hill.

Looking for fairies in the forest.

More interesting things found!

We are messers!

Conkers, conker shells and leaves:

We saw ducks in the pond as we walked across the bridge:

Then finally we arrived at the playground!

Thanks to any parents and grandparents who helped out on the day.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Drama, Art & Music

Role play for Molly Malone

"She was a fishmonger and sure was no wonder, for so were her father and mother before"

Selling cockles and muscles

"She died of a fever and no one could save her" (Not even Dylan!)

Role Play in the Healthy Eating Café

Answering the phone, taking orders, preparing, cooking and serving the  food - it's hard work!

Vegetable Printing 

We painted onto cut vegetables and printed them onto paper. They made for some very striking patterns and designs!

Leaf Relief Printing

After direct printing with vegetables, we tried the next type of printing - relief printing! This is where you place an object down and paint around it instead of onto it. We decided to use Autumn nature pieces for our relief printing - leaves, ash keys (helicopters) and acorn hats!

Leaf Rubbings

Finally we printed using the rubbing technique. This is where you place the object behind the paper and use a crayon to "rub" over it to create the print. We found this type of printing to be very effective in showing the veins in leaves. Yes leaves have veins just like us!

We have also been getting drama lessons from Ms. Walker and music lessons from Catherine. We absolutely love to see what they bring to their lessons. Ms. Nic Aoidh must remember to take some photos of us in these lessons the next time so that you can see the fun we have learning there :)